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Give your heart to the sea and be swept away by our real magical mermaid stunt performers. Mermaids in mythology date back to the Assyrian story of Atargatis and are commonly seen as friends of sailors and romantic interests of humans. One of the most famous stories about mermaids was written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen under the title of "The Little Mermaid." Our mermaid performers celebrate this timeless love story and welcome you in to the romance of the ocean through their work.

Each of these water characters comes with their own full modeling, acting, SCUBA, and costumed freediving print and video work portfolios. You can see the quality of their work in every gaze, tail flip, and stroke that the swimmers make as they glide by you and will be enthralled by their unsurpassed attention to detail in their appearances.

Our mermaid costumes are made in-house of the finest environmentally-friendly silicone that bends and flows with their movements resulting in pure, natural movement for our swimmers that plays beautifully in print and for film. Out of the water the depth and intricate details of our custom mermaid costumes shine with each cast scale and hundreds of hand sewn pearls, Swarovski crystals, and radiant gems shimmer and dance from every angle making each and every photograph a pure masterpiece. The mermaid costumes are, in one word, exquisite.

We offer a real, live mermaids with our own original mermaid costume creations, and a pair of twin redheaded mermaid stunt performers who work together beautifully. Mermaids may be staffed individually with an accompanying pirate or as a group for a fully immersive and interactive experience.


Rare to encounter and breathtaking to behold, the strength of the seas takes a new form in our legendary sons of Poseidon. Our real swimming mermen are the perfect choice for gender-specific, large scale, and mixed group parties with our lovely mermaids.

Each merman comes with his own custom professional silicone merman tail and the same kindness and professional charm that you expect from a Sheroes Entertainment performer. Our mermen will dazzle your guests with their otherworldly ease and power in the water while remaining approachable by even the most timid of children. These truly remarkable men hail from competitive swimming backgrounds and have received specialized training in breath hold work for print and film work.


Let the irresistibly sweet songs of our stunning siren singers lure your spirit in to enchantment. Like famed hero Odysseus your audience's hearts cannot help but be inspired the the tantalizing songs of these spellbinding women. Each of these beautiful female performers come from the elite ranks of classical music training, possess their own acclaimed songwriting credits, and have been individually selected for their ability to enthrall an audience.

Our dryland woman vocalists provide a wide range of styles including jazz, classical opera, pop, and standard with both pre-designed lineups. The sirens can also work with you before your event for special requests (additional fees may apply to specialty song selections outside of their standard selection and/or custom creations written and composed expressly for your project or event).


Strong enough to make even a statue swoon these male mariners are usually staffed in conjunction with each of our mermaid or rusalka water-based performers for safety and logistics (carrying mermaids – much to the maidens’ delight!).

Please contact us to hire a pirate and be swept away by our male models.

Rusalkas (Sea Monsters) 

Beautiful, deadly, captivating. The rusalka (pronounced ROO-sal-ka) haunt your nightmares and inspire fear in to the hearts of humans as they lie in wait for their victims beneath the waves. These mermaid-like sea monsters and demons have lured men to their watery deaths for centuries while being poised in a guise of distant beauty.

The rusalka sea creatures are available to you with fangs and dark-inspired makeup and accessories and are willing to work with your on location makeup or special effects (special FX) artist on full body paint, prosthetics, and prosthetic makeup such as claws, gills, or other specialty theatrical latex or silicone adhesive wounds and effects.

Sea Nymphs and Bellydancers 

Do you dream of dancing? The classically sensual art of bellydance can be a stunning addition to your party's entertainment lineup. Our phenomenal Masquerade line dancers offer the timeless allure of feminine grace and strength in their original choreographed routines. Fans, veils, scarves, wings, and more will captivate your audience's attention as these stunning sea nymphs drawn your heart in to the allure of the Eastern Seas.

Underwater Escape Artists & Magicians

Looking for something a bit more contemporary? Sheroes Entertainment can help you to connect with one the few female escape artists in the world, available throughout the country.

This talented escape artist works in both pools and rental tanks for audience visibility. Please note that we act as a referral source on this performer only and that any contracting and insurance needs, should you choose to hire her, need to be done separately through her talent agent.

We have rental tank and aquarium provider contacts throughout the country; please contact us to let us know if you will need an additional tank for a performance.

Are you an underwater artist interested in being considered for becoming part of our troupe? Please complete our performer inquiry form.
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